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Sharpton declares female Fox News hosts as ‘anti-woman’ for not supporting Hillary-Warren duo

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MSNBC’s Al Sharpton really likes a Hillary Clinton/Elizabeth Warren pairing and suggested that anyone who doesn’t is “anti-woman” — even of the dissenter is a woman herself.

“Apparently just the sight of two powerful outspoken women on stage together is enough to send the right into a tail spin,” the shake-down artist said Sunday on his show, “PoliticsNation.”

Sharpton then showed clips of mostly female personalities at Fox News having a little fun at the expense of Clinton and Warren, who appeared together last week at a Ohio campaign rally wearing similar outfits.

“Did you see the matching pant suits?” Fox News host Harris Falkner teased in one clip. “I mentioned the matching suits and the need for maybe a color wheel with these women.”

In another clip, Fox Business host Lisa Kenneday joked, “They’re Thelma and Louise at the end of the movie.”

“Thelma and Louise? I mean, did you expect this kind of anti-woman backlash we’re seeing with Clinton as the nominee,” Sharpton asked guest Terry O’Neill, the liberal president of the National Organization for Women.

Surely an authority on female humans, O’Neill concurred that a woman can indeed be anti-woman… assuming she’s employed by the Fox News Channel.

“I think that anti-woman backlash is to be expected from anti-woman conservatives,” she replied, before singing the praises of Clinton and Warren herself.

“But they really are the dream team, right?” O’Neill gushed. “Hillary Clinton is an unapologetic feminist progressive. And to have here in the White House would be absolutely amazing!”

O’Neill went on to condemn the “entire Republican Party” for nominating Donald Trump, saying the GOP is “the party for racist, xenophobic, misogynistic policies.”

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