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Michael Moore gets harsh ethics lesson for ignorant tweet on Clinton & Lynch tarmac rendezvous

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“Over here! Eyes on me!”

Like any loyal progressive would willingly do, far-left filmmaker Michael Moore took to social media to distract from the wholly inappropriate meeting last week between Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton at a Phoenix airport.

Never mind that Lynch will ultimately decide whether to indict the former president’s wife, Hillary Clinton.

While much of the nation is aghast over the tarmac rendezvous that threatens to compromise the FBI’s months-long investigation into Hillary’s use of a private email server, Moore wants to talk about health insurance.

On a side note, in pointing out that 30 million Americans still don’t have insurance, the rotund filmmaker all but acknowledges that Obamacare has been an abject failure — if only Democrats can outlaw free will.

Nonetheless, social media users weren’t about to let Moore off the hook for his abundance of ignorance… here’s a sampling of responses to his post from Twitter:

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