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Trump’s newly hired media guy has to figure out what to do with his own ‘SleazyDonald’ tweets – awkward!

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It’s true what they say… politics makes strange bedfellows.

Former senior communications adviser for Ted Cruz’s presidential campaign, Jason Miller, was recently snatched up by the Trump camp as the new senior media advisor.

With the apparent hope to re-boot the campaign in an image more palatable to the masses, Miller will be taking on at least part of the role of ex-campaign manager Corey Lewandowski who was fired last week.

Only it seems, Miller, has been engaging in some quick image re-shaping of his own.

It wasn’t  long ago, when Miller launched into a public tirade against Trump using the hashtag #SleazyDonald.

The following are some pesky screenshots obtained by Mediaite of the now deleted tweets:

miller one

miller tweet 2

And when #SleazyDonald didn’t stick, Miller moved on to random slams:

Miller tweet 3

All in a day’s work in the dirty game known as politics. That, and deleting tweets of course.

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