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Unarmed white guy shot by cops at traffic stop; ‘White Lives Matter’ shouts, but no media outrage

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In a role reversal from a number of recent incidents involving young black men, dozens of angry people turned out in the streets of Fresno, California, over the weekend to protest an unarmed 19-year-old white man being shot and killed by police.

And even though the protest came complete with “White Lives Matter” signs, the national media showed little interest.

Dylan Noble, 19, was killed by Fresno police after being pulled over for a traffic stop, according to the New York Daily News. Police say Noble refused to show his hands when he got out of his pickup truck and two officers opened fire when they feared he may be reaching for a weapon behind his back — both cops were wearing body cameras.

“The subject made a statement he hated his life,” Fresno Deputy Chief Pat Farmer told reporters Saturday.

Family and friends held a vigil for Noble on Sunday night outside the gas station where he was killed and it quickly evolved into a chaotic protest, but even then the media’s interest may have only been piqued by the presence of a Confederate flag.

From the Daily News:

Rowdy protesters flocked to a California gas station where a 19-year-old man lamenting his life was shot and killed Saturday by officers searching for a rifle-toting suspect.

A demonstrator waving a Confederate flag was among those shouting “f— the police,” throwing bottles and blocking the Fresno street where cops confronted the teenager at a gas station for allegedly speeding Saturday afternoon, according to local reports.


Protesters reportedly threw bottles at police and stood in the middle of the road to block traffic, but police were able to get things under control after about 30 minutes.

Odd how that happens when there are no professional agitators on the ground.

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Tom Tillison


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