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NBC News reports weeping in the Senate gallery over nixed gun bills

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People in the Senate gallery were reportedly weeping after Monday night’s votes.

In the wake of the Orlando terror attack that took 49 lives at a gay nightclub, four gun control amendments were proposed to be tacked on to a Justice Department spending bill Monday night.

And one-by-one they were picked off like ducks at a carnival shooting range.

There were two problems with the amendments:

One, the attack wasn’t about gun control; it was about radical Islamic terrorists.

Two, they would have given the executive branch carte blanche to determine who is or is not a terrorist to be denied his Second Amendment rights, without affording him the minimum due process requirements provided in the Constitution.

Rather than focusing in on the legal arguments the amendments presented, NBC News correspondent Luke Russert reported this:

Let the false outrage begin:

Nevertheless, there were a few tweeps that saw through Russert’s “observation” and addressed the real issues.

It all comes down to some basic questions:

Are we a constitutional republic or not? Are we a nation of laws or not? Do we believe in the rule of law or not?


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