Punks captured playing knockout game; video reveals COWARDS go 4 against 1 from behind

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Just when you thought the punks had moved on from the “knockout game,” the morons are at it again.

In Albany, New York, the victim, in a brown T-shirt and red shopping bag was walking south on Quail Street toward Central Avenue when he suspected something was wrong, and glanced over his shoulder.

What he saw were four punks who thought ambushing an unsuspecting, law-abiding citizen would be great fun.

After the attack, the punks fled northbound.

The poor victim’s injuries were minor, and he was treated for them at Albany Medical Center, LiveLeak reported.

Anyone with information about this cowardly act is urged to call the Albany Police Department.

“Your tips do make a difference,” according to the department’s website. “Provide all the information you can. If you’d like to talk to a Detective, call us at (518)462-8039. To report a non-emergency incident please dial (518) 438-4000.”

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Clip via LiveLeak.


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