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What Chick-fil-A did after Orlando massacre should be flooding the news, but we know why it’s not

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The left-leaning news media are always Johnny-on-the-Spot to criticize Chick-fil-A because its owners happen to be pro-traditional marriage.

But when it opens its heart (and its doors) in the wake of a national tragedy, they suddenly put their blinders on.

On Sunday, following the bloody massacre at an Orlando nightclub that caters to gays, several nearby locations of the restaurant chain opened its doors to deliver sandwiches and drinks to police and EMTs at the crime scene, and to those donating blood.

In case you think Chick-fil-A was profiting from a tragedy, think again. They accepted no payment for their offerings.

And on Monday Chick-fil-A management issued this simple statement, the Washington Examiner reported:

“Orlando is in our hearts and prayers.”

The chain also flew its flags at half-mast to honor those whose lives were taken in such a despicable senseless fashion.

Management didn’t see them as gays — they only saw them as victims.

One person on Twitter observed that Chick-fil-A always closes its doors on Sundays, believing it to be a time of worship and family togetherness — but not last Sunday.

The company was blasted in 2013 when it was revealed that it had donated money to organizations that promote traditional marriage — that is, the union of one man and one woman. The bad press that came afterwards continues to this day.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio even called for a boycott of the restaurant’s New York locations just last month. There’s a large location in Manhattan, and one set to open in Queens this fall.

But the mayor’s words didn’t stop the hungry customers from lining up to purchase their sandwiches and drinks.

Although the mainstream media were silent on Chick-fil-A’s act of kindness, it became big news on social media.

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You just can’t keep good news from the public, no matter how much the liberal establishment media keep it under wraps.


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