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Ellen told a ‘harmless’ boob joke, then she got served notice that wiped the smile off her face

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A boob by any other name…

Popular daytime talk-show host Ellen DeGeneres is learning that for some, the mispronunciation of a name is no laughing matter.

A woman has filed a lawsuit against DeGeneres over a show segment called “What’s Wrong with These Signs?

The segment displays strange or otherwise off-color signs for the comedic value and in one example, Ellen showed a real estate sign from a broker named Titi Pierce, pronouncing the first name as “titty.”

TMZ shared a video clip of the segment:

Pierce pronounces her first name as “Tee Tee” and insisted in the lawsuit that in “her 35 years of life” no one has ever pronounced it as “titty.”

And as a result of DeGeneres’ actions, Pierce is suing her for “emotional stress.”

“As a direct and proximate result of the Defendant’s conduct, Ms. Pierce has suffered stress, emotional distress, embarrassment, humiliation, anger and other mental pain and suffering,” the lawsuit states.

For the record, according to Celebrity Net Worth, DeGeneres has an estimated net worth of $330 million and an annual salary of $70 million.

When contacted by TMZ, show executives said, “We try to have fun every day and make people laugh and never intend to hurt anyone’s feelings.”

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