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Piers Morgan’s tweet about Muhammad Ali was biting – then he invoked ‘Trump’ and all Hell broke loose

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Politics aside, Muhammad Ali was a beloved American icon and his death Friday at the age of 74 was met with a wave of tributes to the former world heavyweight champion boxer.

Then Piers Morgan entered the picture.

The former CNN host took to social media on Sunday to politicize Ali’s death by comparing some of the radical things the late boxer said over the years about white people to comments the presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump has made about Muslims.

Suffice it to say the internet was not please and Morgan was hit with a sea of outrage, but the obnoxious anti-gun liberal, not know when to say when, pressed his argument:

And if that were not enough, Morgan then went to the tale of the tape, posting a video of Ali talking about the differences between blacks and whites:

Having sufficiently stirred the hornet’s nest — and gotten the attention he sought — Morgan then shoved a stick into it:

Just a small sample of the fury as all hell broke loose on Twitter:

Tom Tillison


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