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You’re dead to me, now? Glenn Beck goes for Rubio’s jugular after full-throttled Trump support

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Long-time Trump critic, Glenn Beck isn’t happy with a recent endorsement the presumptive Republican nominee received.

Marco Rubio has seemingly put away the bad blood waged along the campaign trail, and made the decision to support his former rival.

That decision didn’t sit well with Beck, who in a Facebook post slammed Rubio for his sudden change of heart:

Rubio has ‘newfound respect’ for the man he called a ‘con artist’, ‘liar’ and a ‘danger to the republic.’

He now says he is ‘going to speak on DJTs behalf at the convention and campaign trail.’

The only thing he didn’t say was ‘I am also better than any other VP’s at attending funerals.’

We each have to make up our own mind and what to do and how we are going to handle this, but am I alone on the feeling of sell out?


Beck went on to further suggest Rubio’s support is anything but genuine.

Were you lying to us then or now Marco? I cannot reconcile what you said then with what you are saying now.

Marco, you are either lying now or when you were running. I don’t know which and I don’t care. You have no credibility with me any more.


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