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Laura Ingraham couldn’t stomach what celebs were doing on Memorial Day: ‘We have vets eating from trash cans!’

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Laura Ingraham unleashed a heaping can whoop-a$$ aimed directly at Hollywood for its questionable priorities.

After a gorilla named Harambe was shot and killed to save a four-year-old boy who had fallen into the animal’s enclosure, social media and Hollywood alike got busy placing blame and grieving the primate.

Even certain politicians got in on the action, paying respects to the primate on Memorial Day. Ingraham, noted the “fever pitch” response and rightfully questioned why America’s veterans don’t get the same amount of respect and attention.

Ingraham agreed that the Cincinnati Zoo incident was “horrible and sad.” But at the same time, she noted “we have veterans on the street who are eating out of garbage cans, and yet Hollywood is like having a candlelight vigil over one gorilla tragically having to be shot.”

Ingraham’s reaction came after numerous famous names expressed outrage over the shooting:

TV star Kaley Cuoco was among the most outspoken over Harambe’s death, and took to Instagram to voice her disgust.

Meanwhile, Ingraham was wondering why this same level of outrage doesn’t exist for the too-often mistreated veterans that protect our freedom — over Memorial Day weekend no less. Ingraham found support on social media for her insight.


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