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Alan Dershowitz: ‘Black Lives Matter is endangering the fairness of our legal system’

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Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz accused the prosecutor in the Freddie Gray case of misconduct and being politically motivated.

“She’s a symptom of a larger problem,” the legal scholar said, speaking about Baltimore’s state’s attorney Marilyn Mosby whom he believes overcharged the six police officers in the case.

“These are officers who may have made a mistake, but they are not guilty of criminal conduct,” Dershowitz said on Fox News’ “The Kelly File” on Monday. A Baltimore judge handed down the not guilty verdict for Officer Edward Nero on Monday, acquitting him of all charges in the death of Freddie Gray.

“What she tried to do is stop the mob,” he said of Mosby’s actions. “I understand that, but you don’t use the criminal justice system to solve racial problems.”

Dershowitz pointed out that many call for “convictions without regard to the evidence” and that the justice system cannot be distorted to suit political purposes. “Black Lives Matter is endangering the fairness of our legal system because they’re rooting for outcomes based on race,” he said.

“I think this is politically motivated prosecution,” Dershowitz said adding that voters will go after Mosby “because she oversold the case and everybody’s disappointed.”

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Video from Fox News.

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