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Moms sue Obama admin over transgender bathroom decree – Hell hath no fury . . .

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Hell hath no fury like a mother scorned.

The Obama administration is being sued by a group of angry parents, and the moms are leading the charge.

After President Obama’s bizarre decree to mandate that all public school bathrooms and locker rooms essentially become gender neutral, a privacy group from North Carolina is calling it like it is.

“This is tantamount to extortion,” Donica Hudson, a mother of three from Charlotte, told the Daily Signal, “to threaten to take away our public funding, for education no less, if we don’t allow them to come in and jeopardize the safety and privacy of our children.”

Hudson is a member of North Carolinians for Privacy, a nonprofit group suing the Department of Justice and the Department of Education for threatening to take away federal education dollars.

North Carolina has been at the heart of the LGBT issues after it passed HB2, a law that prohibits men from entering women’s restrooms and vice versa, unless that person has taken legal steps to change his or her sex on his or her birth certificate, the Daily Signal reported.

The federal government threatened to sue the state, but has backed off since Obama laid out a nationwide decree threatening to withhold taxpayer money if schools do not comply with his new mandate.

“I decided to join this lawsuit to protect my children,” Hudson said. “My children should not have to choose between their right to privacy, and their protection, and their education.”

Hudson added the valid point, that local school administrators should not be forced to enforce a policy they may not be comfortable with and that could put children’s safety at risk.

Hudson is particularly upset about the decree opening up locker rooms and showers to the opposite sex.

“I raise my children not to discriminate against anybody, and they don’t,” Hudson said. “But that same grace is not being extended to me, as a parent.”

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