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Is Donald Trump’s new pragmatic trans bathroom stand a problem for conservatives?

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Donald Trump weighed in on the transgender bathroom issue again on Monday, and although it was a sensible pragmatic answer, no side will likely be completely pleased.

Monday night on FoxNews’ ‘The O’Reilly Factor,’ host Bill O’Reilly told Trump he was “perturbed by” a Charlotte Observer editorial that basically said, of the possibility that boys who consider themselves transgender could realistically end up sharing bathroom and locker-room facilities with twelve-year-old girls, “that’s fine, we need to get over that.”

“Well it’s not fine,” Trump replied, “and I have to tell you that I would generally speaking leave it to the States to decide. You know, Obama is getting into very tricky territory. and the amazing thing is so many people are talking about this now and we have to protect everybody even if it’s one person, but this is such a tiny part of our population.”

“Now with that being said,” Trump continued, “protect everybody but I would really leave it up to the states in this case.”

When asked if he had ‘transgender bathroom’ facilities in his hotels, Trump responded, “No we’re not. No we don’t have that. I hope not because frankly it would be unbelievably expensive … I think our country needs to be spending money on other things. Let’s build more buildings. Let’s create more jobs. Let’s do something but that would be an unbelievably expensive thing to do.”

Trump reiterated the “small number” of people who would require such facilities and that they should be “protected,” but didn’t explain exactly what that meant.

Although Trump is more liberal on social issues such as this than many of his supporters, conservatives who believe the federal government doesn’t have any business dictating these things to the States (where exactly are transgender bathrooms in the Constitution?) should be satisfied to some degree with this answer.

As to the “protection” this “small number” of people would require and how that would be accomplished, perhaps that should be the next question asked.

Watch the entire interview below:


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Scott Morefield


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