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Sheriff Clarke to ‘Mrs. Bill Clinton’: Gun-free zones are killing fields – only one person is safe

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Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke appeared Sunday on “Fox and Friends Weekend” and said likely Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton wants to live by different rules than the public.

The sheriff criticized Clinton for her anti-gun stance in attacking rival Donald Trump over Friday’s National Rifle Association endorsement.

“I wonder if she feels that way as she’s surrounded by all of those armed secret service agents,” he said, adding that while she is entitled to that security blanket, “so are we as everyday Americans.”

Clarke called the NRA “one of the largest civil rights organizations in America” and claimed Democratic Party policies have “decimated the black family.”

He said Trump has made it “very clear” that the Second Amendment is important to him.

“I think Donald Trump is right on this issue, and Mrs. Bill Clinton is dead wrong,” the sheriff said.

Clarke explained that the way to reduce crime in America is to go after criminals, not law-abiding gun owners.

“Gun-free zones are killing fields, gun-free zones have gotten people killed,” he said. “The only person [who] is safe in a gun-free zone is the criminal.”

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Tom Tillison


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