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Judge Jeanine: ‘Go back to bed, Hillary. There’s someone else . . .’

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When it comes to keeping America safe, Judge Jeanine Pirro says Donald Trump is the only presidential candidate who can get the job done.

Pirro took viewers on a “walk down memory lane” as she listed Democrat Hillary Clinton’s many foreign policy missteps during the opening segment of Fox News’ “Justice with Judge Jeanine” on Saturday.

Blasting Clinton for her “double speak for the last seven and a half years,” Pirro asked how the Democratic front-runner would keep the nation safe when she cannot even say “Islamic extremists.”

“How can you keep us safe when you speak a different language from ordinary Americans?” Pirro said. “How can you keep us safe when you can’t even say who the enemy is? It’s not violent extremists. It’s not terrorists… It’s Islamic extremists. It’s Islamic terrorists. And you can’t mouth the words. Say it! Say it!  But you wont.”

“And you’re gonna keep us safe Hillary?” she said.  “Hell, you can’t even keep top-secret intelligence on your Blackberry without Russia, China and a Romanian hacker accessing it.”

Pirro noted that polls show “most trust Donald Trump to do a better job than Hillary on terrorism,” and said there’s “only one person who can keep Americans safe.”

“This is not a parlor game and not one for the faint of heart,” Pirro concluded. “Go back to bed, Hillary. There’s someone else who’s going to protect us.”

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Video from Fox News.


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