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London’s Muslim mayor is singing a different tune after hoping Trump gets thumped in election

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Relations are appearing to thaw between the presumptive Republican presidential nominee and London’s first Muslim mayor.

London’s newly-elected Mayor Sadiq Khan slapped a hand of friendship offered by Donald Trump last week, said that he hoped Trump would lose the election and called his views of Islam ignorant. Trump responded by suggesting an IQ test.

Now the mayor has taken a different tack. He invited Trump to London so that Khan can introduce him to some of members of Great Britain’s Muslim community.

Khan offered the invitation in a Huffington Post interview, and said that he hoped that the experience might educate Trump on Islam.

“So my point to Donald Trump is: if it is the case that your views on Islam are ignorant, if it is the case that you have not met Muslims who are compatible with, comfortable with Western values, to all purposes ‘normal’ – come to London,” he told the Post.

“There are literally hundreds of thousands of Londoners who are Muslim and Western. Meet my family, meet me, meet my friends, meet other Londoners and hopefully that will reassure that it’s possible.”

The Telegraph noted that Khan’s predecessor in office, Boris Johnson, was less forgiving toward Trump.

“I wouldn’t want to expose Londoners to an unnecessary risk of meeting Donald Trump,” he said.

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