What Charles Krauthammer just observed that made him say ‘it’s time to plan for the inauguration’

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Columnist Charles Krauthammer isn’t surprised that recent stories aimed at attacking Donald Trump have missed their mark.

The Fox News contributor, who admittedly misjudged Trump early on, noted that attempted hit pieces like the one in the New York Times about Trump’s history with women and the Washington Post story of Trump using fake names years ago have turned out to be nothing.

“Part of the Teflon around Trump is that it is not a story. It’s dead. it’s been overridden by the next story,” Krauthammer said on Fox News Channel’s “Special Report,” on Monday.

“It looks as if the Times had 50 interviews, spent a lot of money and time, knew it didn’t really have a story, came out with exactly…a story that was nuanced, interesting, but there was nothing scandalous about it,” he said.

Krauthammer added that the press attempts to create scandal around the presumptive Republican nominee have yielded nothing more than interesting stories.

“If this is the best that the Times and the press can do trying to create scandal around Donald Trump, it’s time to plan for the inauguration,” he said.

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Video from Fox News.

Frieda Powers


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