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‘Lying’ White House adviser snubbed Congress . . . you know Trey Gowdy had something to say about it!

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Representative Trey Gowdy joined other Republicans in ripping the White House for protecting Obama adviser Ben Rhodes.

Following an announcement that the deputy national security adviser would not testify before a House committee on the Iran Nuclear Deal, Gowdy blasted Rhodes for trying to “have it both ways.”

“If you have time to talk to a reporter about the Iranian deal, then you ought to have time to come talk to Congress,” House Oversight Committee member Gowdy said on Fox News Channel on Tuesday.

Rhodes kicked off a firestorm of criticism following a New York Times Magazine profile in which he bragged about leaking false information to the media  regarding the Iran deal. House Oversight Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, called on Rhodes to testify before the committee but the White House denied the request Monday.

Gowdy admitted “not much” could be accomplished without Rhodes at the hearing, adding that Chaffetz would have to decide whether to issue a subpoena and “whether Congress is going to stand up for its right to have questions asked and answered.”

The South Carolina Republican defended his colleagues against White House attacks, stating that Rhodes has repeatedly been the one to lie.

“His background is in creative writing,” Gowdy said. “That’s great if you’re working for the Hallmark or the Lifetime Channels. It’s not so good when you’re the national security adviser for the president of the United States.”

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Video from Fox News.

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