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‘Crushing’ news on Bernie Sanders’ wife BURNS up Internet after what her ex-employer just did

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If this isn’t a warning sign about what a future Bernie Sanders’ administration would look like, nothing is.

Jane Sanders, wife of the self-proclaimed socialist who’s giving Hillary Clinton a real run for her money in the Democrat primary, at least sometimes practices what she preaches.

Jane spent her way into “crushing” debt during her time working as President of Burlington College, and as a result, the Vermont institution is closing it’s doors on May 27th, Heat Street reported.

But it gets worse. Taken from Heat Street:

Less than a year after leading Burlington College into massive debt, Ms. Sanders resigned, taking with her a $200,000 severance package. By 2014, because of its shaky finances and running deficits, Burlington College found itself placed on probation for two years by the regional accreditation agency.


Given that the Sanders do not practice what they preach when it comes to paying their own taxes, it’s safe to assume Jane is enjoying the lion’s share of the wealth she certainly doesn’t deserve.

News of the scam spread quickly on social media, where Sanders supporters just didn’t want to hear the truth.

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Sorry, Bernie Babies. Truth hurts…

Yay, socialism?


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