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Reince Priebus has a novel idea for Trump’s tax return

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In a series of Sunday talk show appearances, the RNC’s chairman Reince Priebus admitted that Donald Trump has “rewritten the playbook.”

Addressing the hot topic of Trump’s tax returns, and whether he should release them, Priebus told ABC, “It’s going to be up to the American people.”

Leave it up to the people; a novel idea, that’s been the life-blood of the Trump campaign from day one.

“I think, though, that Donald Trump represents such a massive change to how things are done in Washington that people don’t look at Donald Trump as to whether or not he releases his taxes or what this story was of 30 years ago.”

Priebus admitted that Mitt Romney “paid a dear price” for releasing his tax returns so late in 2012, a move that was clearly not good for Republicans.

“We’ve been down this road for a year,” he said. The old rules don’t apply to Trump.

“People look at Donald Trump and say, is this person going to cause an earthquake in Washington, D.C., and make something happen?” Priebus said.

“That is it. That’s how he is being judged by the American people.”


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