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Rush Limbaugh on fire over what Obama told black graduates: ‘This is hideous’

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Obama’s at it again – and Rush Limbaugh’s not about to let him get away with it.

President Obama showed his true colors while giving a commencement speech at Howard University over the weekend. One would think such a speech would be rife with optimism and praise for a job well done as the young black students get ready to launch into their futures.

But, no.

Instead, Obama laid forth what Limbaugh called a “hideous” message.

“Be confident in your heritage. Be confident in your blackness,” Obama told the students. “… We have to not only question the world as it is and stand up for those African-Americans who haven’t been so lucky. Because yes, you’ve worked hard, but you’ve also been lucky. That’s a pet peeve of mine: People who’ve been successful and don’t realize they’ve been lucky, that God may have blessed them.

“It wasn’t nothin’ you did.”

If this sounds reminiscent of Obama’s infamous “you didn’t build that” sentiment, it’s because it is. And Limbaugh was quick to point it out.

“All right, so you’re out there, you’ve just graduated Howard University, and you’ve got the president saying, ‘Hey, you’ve been lucky,’” Limbaugh said.

“You know, this is an offshoot of Elizabeth Warren, ‘You didn’t build that. You didn’t make that happen.’ Meaning, your business or whatever else that you have built up.

“‘You did nothin’, That’s a hell of a commencement speech, isn’t it?” Limbaugh continued. That’s a hell of an inspirational message. I’d be really motivated.”

Limbaugh rhetorically and sarcastically asked where students were supposed to go out an “learn luck” before he got to the gist of it.

“And the unspoken message is: If you’re black, you aren’t gonna have it, ’cause the people in charge of luck aren’t gonna pass it out to you.

“This is hideous, folks.”

Hideous might not be strong enough a word.

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