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Michael Moore just revealed why he won’t vote for Hillary in primary; could this be a warning?

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It won’t only be ardent Cruz supporters who feel like they have to vote for the lesser of two evils.

Uber-liberal documentarian Michael Moore said he’s not supporting Hillary Clinton in the primaries because of who he believes will be pulling the strings behind the scenes should she become president.

“She’s not really going to fix corporate America and Wall Street,” Moore told Politico. “They’ll still be calling the shots in her White House so that makes it difficult for people who are about these issues.”

Moore, who has been a big fan of socialist Bernie Sanders, said that Hillary would be a better choice than Donald Trump if that’s who it ultimately comes down to. Although, he admitted she is not the most inspiring candidate.

“It’s not exactly a resounding endorsement. You’re for her because you hate Trump,” Moore said. “But many people will vote for Trump because they hate Hillary.”

Moore doesn’t seem too worried that Trump will take the White House citing America’s changing demographics, Politico reported.

“Trump can’t win, that’s the math,” Moore said.

That’s a curious take for Moore, since he admitted Hillary can’t inspire voters.  Trump on the other hand, has amassed a huge and dedicated following, and continues to pull a sizable amount of Democrats to his side.

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