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Cracker Barrel’s hidden anti-gun policy humiliates customers – are they trying to play both sides?

Screenshot of sign that was reportedly put up only after Franks was escorted from the building.

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A Georgia man was subjected to a humiliating experience due to an undisclosed anti-gun rule.

Shane Franks visited the Cracker Barrel in Dalton to pick up Mother’s Day cards when he was escorted out of the store by two managers. Franks was carrying a revolver on his hip at the time which is perfectly legal according to state laws.

Private businesses are able to determine whether or not guns are permitted on the property, WRCB reported. But according to Franks, there was no sign telling him he couldn’t carry it in the store.

“If the business does not want you to carry a firearm, they are asked to make that known,” Franks said.

“That’s confusing for a law-abiding citizen. Thinks he’s obeying the law and walks in, gets cornered in front of everyone for doing what he thinks he is allowed to do.”

Franks told WRCB that when he later returned without his gun, there was a sign posted that read only police officers were allowed to carry weapons within the store.

WRCB reported that the sign was taken down when they later visited the store. After contacting a customer service representative, WRCB was told anyone seen with a firearm will be asked to return to their vehicle.

So what’s with the “secret” anti-gun policy?

While Franks said he has no animosity towards Cracker Barrel he’d like to know why the store makes it so confusing for people who want to exercise their Constitutional rights. “By law, you got to have a sign so that way I know that,” Franks said.

While that would be helpful, and a private business does have the right in Georgia to ban guns, the law is not clear “on where a sign is posted to notify customers,” WRCB reported.

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