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Trump boasts to crowd about Megyn Kelly’s phone call to him before Fox News summit

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Donald Trump shared a little secret with the audience that’s just too good…

Speaking at a campaign rally Friday in Eugene, Oregon, Donald Trump more or less boasted that Megyn Kelly came crawling to him in hopes of bringing their well publicized feud to an end.

The presumptive Republican presidential nominee told the audience that it was Kelly who picked up the phone and called him, suggesting the Fox News host admitted that she was in the wrong for the troubles between them.

“She called me. She said I’d like to see you,” he said. “Now, if I was wrong, she wouldn’t have done that. And I respect her for doing it.”

In driving home the point that it was Kelly doing the groveling, the real estate tycoon stressed that she came to him.

“She called me. She said I’d like to see you,” Trump said. “She came to Trump Tower. I didn’t go to Fox. And we didn’t meet on neutral territory.”

He referred back to a comment he made after the first GOP presidential debate that some interpreted as him blaming her hard line of questioning about his relationship with women on the possibility that she was menstruating.

“I said nothing wrong! Because I never finished my statement,” Trump said. “Remember I said, ‘Like blood coming out of her eyes. Blood coming out of her wherever.’ I was talking her ears or her nose.”

“Everyone was talking, ‘Oh, that’s terrible what he said.’ I didn’t say anything!” he added. “You know why I didn’t finish the sentence? Because I love what I am doing so much. And I didn’t want to waste any more time.”

He went on to blame the misunderstanding on people with “dirty minds,” and insisted that “everything is fine.”

On the bright side, in exchange for a serving of humble pie, Kelly scored an interview with the billionaire that will undoubtedly result in a ratings jackpot for her show.

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