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New Zombie film hires military veterans for cast and crew: ‘It’s all about camaraderie’

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A new movie about zombies features some familiar Hollywood faces but is made up mostly of those with a different kind of experience.

The full length zombie film “Range 15′” features a cast and crew made up mostly of military veterans, Fox News reported Friday.

The comedy horror is centered on the premise of a group of vets who wake up after a night of partying to find the zombie apocalypse has occurred, forcing them to return to the battlefield to save America. The film, a collaboration between two veteran-owned military apparel companies, Ranger Up and Article 15 Clothing, has gained the support of veterans nationwide.

Though it has raised over $1 million in crowd source funding, according to the  film’s fundraising page, the idea to make the movie was not elaborately planned at first.

“Last October, while sitting in a bar and drinking an inappropriate amount of alcohol, we decided to join forces and make the greatest movie ever. Then we sobered up and realized we didn’t really know how to make a movie. Then we got drunk again and realized that God hates a coward,” the page stated.

The film does sport appearances by recognizable names like William Shatner, Sean Astin, and Danny Trejo. UFC Heavyweight Champion Randy Couture and retired Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell also appear. But the majority of the cast is made of real life veterans who have no previous acting or film-making experience.

“It’s all about camaraderie,” said vet Lauren Walker. “And that’s a big part of why I came here. I didn’t expect to be in the movie. I just wanted to hang out.” She added that, after two years away, she missed being with fellow vets. “There’s just something about that feeling that you get when you’re with other veterans,” she said.

One of the film’s goals is to challenge stereotypes about veterans who, as producer Nick Palmisciano noted, are typically portrayed as heroes or broken souls, according to Fox.

“We’re a cross-section of society,” Palmisciano said. “We’re regular people that chose to serve the nation.”

The film opens in theaters on June 15.

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Video from Fox News.


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