Donald Trump gives his inexplicable reason why conservatives ‘hate’ him

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Donald Trump shot back at his conservative critics, offering an explanation of why they hate him so much.

“I’m a conservative, but the conservatives hate me for suggesting I would dare tax somebody,” the presumptive Republican presidential nominee said Thursday at a rally in West Virginia, The Blaze reported.

Trump told the crowd he would hit back at companies that move overseas by imposing high taxes for products they try to import back into the U.S.

Free trade conservatives have criticized the billionaire for his proposal, citing the increase in costs to Americans as well as the possibility of a global trade war. But Trump has not backed down from the idea, claiming it will keep jobs inside American borders.

The subject of jobs dominated the speech, directed to a crowd made up mostly of coalminers.

“Our jobs are going to everyone else but us,” Trump said.. “We’re sending our jobs to Mexico, China is taking our jobs, Japan.”

When someone handed Trump a hard hat, he not only wore it, but then acted out shoveling coal.

Trump promised he was “gonna open up the mines” as president, according to the Blaze.

“We’re gonna bring those miners back, you’re gonna be so proud of your president,” he said.

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Frieda Powers


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