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LA police commissioner trashes Trump supporters, Middle America in bizarre tweet that quickly vanishes

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Leave it to folks on the left-coast to be completely detached from reality.

Early on Tuesday, Los Angeles Police Commissioner Steve Soboroff made a pretentious remark about Trump supporters attending a Monday rally before the Indiana Primary.

Something about the happy people filling Century Center to standing room only (SRO) capacity in South Bend didn’t sit well with Soboroff.

“Every man in the crowd looks like he has the same biological parents.” Soboroff tweeted.

Like so many unfortunate tweets, Soboroff’s looks to have been deleted, but not before Twitchy grabbed a screenshot.


Was Soboroff’s comment meant to suggest the crowd was too white? Too hillbilly? Perhaps too … male!? Heck, it probably covered all of those things.

It’s just too bad, Soboroff couldn’t focus more on his oh-so-evolved area of Los Angeles where violence, threats, and vandalism have been flooding the streets during political rallies not everyone agrees with.

Sure, there was some protesting in Indiana, but as one woman who was warned about going to the rally told WNDU, “I honestly don’t think South Bend is the kind of place where there would be that kind of behavior.”

Does she mean, the violent kind? Like in L.A.?

Perhaps Soboroff could learn a thing or two about tolerance from this Trump supporter in Terre Haute. He held a group hug with protesters telling them, “At the end of the day, we’re all Americans.”

I guess that’s just how the great unwashed do it in Flyover country.

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