You’ve heard of ‘no shirts & no shoes,’ but for one food joint you actually have to take it all off

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More than 30,000 people have now joined a waiting list for a London restaurant that does not require shirts or shoes, not to mention unmentionables.

The Bunyadi, set to open next month, is a “bare-bones” dining concept from Seb Lyall where clothing is optional, according to Fox News — the name comes from a Hindi term meaning “fundamental,” “base” or “natural.”

Lyall envisions eating food in public while naked as “an act of rebellion.”

“When you get a chance, you take your clothes off,” he told The Washington Post. “When you get in bed, you take your clothes off.  When you go to the beach or a sauna, you take your clothes off. It’s natural.”

Patrons will sit on wooden stools — yes absorbent wood. But don’t worry about possible contamination, diners will be seated on robes.

As for the staff, kitchen workers will be allowed to cover up while they prepare food — a comforting thought considering the range of splattering grease — but servers will have “minimal covering,” Fox News reported.

And don’t worry about the often “unappetizing” sight of less than perfect bodies.

“Every table that you sit at is designed so that the sight is obstructed between other dining parties,” Lyall explains. “The restaurant is partitioned or there’s bamboo or you only see someone’s back or a silhouette or their shadows from candles.”

Here’s additional information on the restaurant from InformOverload:

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Tom Tillison


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