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Megyn Kelly confronts new VP nod Carly Fiorina about allying with Cruz — and things get testy

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Fox News host Megyn Kelly wasted no time confronting Carly Fiorina about the feasibility of Ted Cruz securing the Republican nomintaion.

Newly announced as the Texas senator’s vice presidential pick, Fiorina defended the election’s first ticket and tore into GOP front-runner Donald Trump on “The Kelly File” Wednesday.

“Donald Trump hasn’t won this nomination yet, despite so many people in the media just wishing it would all be over and he would be our nominee,” Fiorina said when asked about Trump’s comment that the decision by Cruz was an act of “desperation.”

“I do think this is about the soul of our party and the future of our nation,” said the former GOP presidential candidate.

“Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are virtually indistinguishable in their positions,” Fiorina said. “They have always been insiders to this corrupt system of crony capitalism.”

She insisted Trump could not be the GOP nominee.“If he were to be our nominee, Hillary Clinton would be our president. And that is a future that I’m not prepared to lay by and allow to have happen.”

Kelly noted that voters think the candidate who goes into the Republican National Convention with the most votes and delegates, even though it’s not a majority, should win the nomination. But Fiorina pointed out that a majority of Republicans are not behind Trump as their nominee of choice.

“This isn’t over until someone reaches 1,237. And Donald Trump hasn’t. And no, close doesn’t count. And I believe Ted Cruz will be our nominee,” Fiorina said.

Kelly pushed back, asking how it was possible for Cruz to be the nominee despite not having the numbers or  “when the party isn’t coalescing behind him.”

Fiorina countered that Cruz did have the support of a “broad spectrum” of the Party and repeated that Trump and Clinton represent “two sides of the same coin.”

“Someone’s character is revealed in the pattern of their life,” she said, “not in what they tend to say behind a podium when they’re looking for a job.”

Watch the comments in the video below.

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