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‘Lily-white, coddled’ Lena Dunham is the real bigot … why Canada and not Mexico?

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Why Canada and not Mexico?

“The Five” co-host Greg Gutfeld raised a brilliant point on Tuesday regarding disgusting “actress” Lena Dunham saying that she “really will” move to Canada if Donald Trump is elected president of the United States.

The Fox News host told viewers he envied them if they don’t know who Dunham is and said he assumes she wants to flee north because she thinks Trump is a bigot over his comments about Mexicans illegally entering the country.

“But could it be that she’s the real bigot?” Gutfeld queried. “If offended by Trump, why didn’t Dunham say she was moving to Mexico? Why did she pick the white North over the darker-skinned South?”

Excellent question.

“Talk about micro-aggressions, I guess our Mexican friends are not worthy of her lily-white, coddled presence,” he continued. “Well, unless they’re delivering food to her doorstep.”

Gutfeld said Dunham’s actions show how lazy entertainers become when nothing is expected of them.

“Dunham has coasted on these same banalities because they are the same banalities the media shares,” he said. “The Canada threat reveals how vapid hokum passes for edgy intellectualism, the kind that gets you into the clubhouse of the mediocre hipster.”

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Tom Tillison


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