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Whoops! Alliance plan cracks, Kasich has problem in Oregon – did he just get played by Cruz?

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After Ted Cruz gave John Kasich free rein in Oregon, the Ohio governor may be throwing it all away.

As a part of the alliance between Kasich and the Texas senator, each agreed to concentrate their efforts on those states they felt would have the better chance of defeating the Republican presidential front-runner — Donald Trump.

Oregon was one of the states in which Cruz won’t be competing. It’s all for Kasich to win or lose — and it looks as though it may be the latter.

His campaign neglected to provide the state with Kasich’s bio and position on the issues for its voter’s guide.

Rolling Stone tweeted:

Let the snark begin.

And one even questioned Kasich’s decision to campaign in Oregon at all.

Despite the much-publicized Cruz-Kasich agreement to divide and conquer, the Ohio governor told Matt Lauer on NBC’s “Today” show Tuesday that it wasn’t about stopping Trump — it was about defeating Hillary Clinton.

And that settles it — now everyone’s confused.

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