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Ted Cruz walked into a buzzsaw when he encountered THIS Trump supporter

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When Ted Cruz made a campaign stop outside an Indiana ice cream shop on Monday, the last person he probably expected to run into was Kathy Hiel.

Hiel, a Donald Trump supporter, got the chance to question Cruz in front of the media, and she wasn’t about to let the opportunity go to waste.

The conversation started with an inquiry into the “voterless elections” in Colorado and Wyoming. If Cruz isn’t an “establishment” candidate, the backroom maneuvers that have been the hallmark of Cruz “victories” in those states certainly seem to indicate the opposite.

Hiel asked Cruz, “How can you say that you aren’t THE establishment candidate?”

Cruz responded by saying that the people who pulled the strings to ensure his delegate wins in those states are grassroots activists, the “exact opposite of establishment.” He pointed to the 65,000 people who participated in Colorado’s delegate selection process as proof of grassroots activism. Hiel, like Trump of course, can point to that same number and ask why no traditional election was held.

According to Cruz, “Every state sets up the rules. I don’t control the rules but I can tell you the Washington establishment is who I’ve been fighting against every day, whether it is leading the fight against Obamacare or leading the fight against amnesty I’m the one who’s led the fight, Donald Trump is the one who funded the Gang of Eight that pushed for amnesty…”

Hiel was quick to respond with accurate figures. She said abruptly, “50,000 dollars over four years isn’t funding much of anything.”

(The Cruz contention (lie) that Trump somehow “funded” the Gang of Eight, as if Trump gave that money so the bill would be passed, is a far cry from giving eight different senators $50,000 over several years.)

“Well I gave zero dollars to them and I led the fight against it.” Cruz then accused Trump of tweeting his support for amnesty in 2013 (another lie).

Her next comments left Cruz at a loss for words and forced him to grasp at the “I’m trying to have a respectful conversation” lifeline. “You led a fight [in favor of] auditing the Fed and didn’t show to vote. You led the fight against TPP but yet voted in favor of it,” Hiel told Cruz.

Perhaps Cruz is starting to learn why so many “grassroots” American working folks aren’t supporting him!

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