John Kasich has vicious slam for the Republican Party

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Ohio Governor John Kasich had harsh words as he called out the Republican Party for being negative.

In discussing the election with the editorial board of the Washington Post, the Republican presidential candidate elaborated on why negative campaigning seems to work for the GOP.

“I believe that people are anxious about their jobs, they’re anxious about their wages and they’re anxious about their children’s future. And you can appeal to them in two different ways,” Kasich said.

“You can appeal to them by driving them into the ditch or you can appeal to them by giving them a way out. A way out is not as strong as saying that everything is horrible, all we are is a bunch of losers, we have nothing, everything’s going to hell, and by the way, you have been ripped off. Okay? That’s the message.”

Kasich did not think the negativity would prevail at the party’s national convention, but noted that, while he is a believer in ideas, the same could not be said about the GOP.

“If you don’t have ideas, you got nothing,” he said. “And frankly, my Republican Party doesn’t like ideas. They want to be negative against things.”

Kasich admitted “we’ve had a few who have been idea people” like former President Ronald Reagan, House Speaker Paul Ryan and the late Congressman Jack Kemp, who died in 2009. He also pointed to the success of new ideas in his home state of Ohio.

But, in the end, Kasich believes the people with ideas in the Republican Party are the exception, not the rule.

“But you talk about most of them, most of them – the party is kind of a knee jerk against,” He said.  “Maybe that’s how they were created. I don’t know. But for me it’s ideas that drive everything.”

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