Greta: Obama White House ‘went stupid’ again, needlessly dividing country with Tubman $20 bill

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Fox News host Greta Van Susteren commented Wednesday on the Treasury Department’s announcement that Andrew Jackson will be replaced on the $20 bill with abolitionist Harriet Tubman, saying the Obama administration is needlessly “dividing the country.”

“The Obama administration did it again … went stupid. And went stupid for no reason,” Van Susteren charged, saying the White House is creating a “completely unnecessary fight.”

The Fox News host then offered her own solution.

“Give Tubman her own bill,” she said. “Like a $25 bill. We could use a $25 bill. Put her picture on that and we could all celebrate.”

Van Susteren added that some people — see Democrats and their identity politics agenda — are instead more focused on stirring up conflict.

“That’s the smart and easy thing to do,” she said. “But no, some people don’t think and would gratuitously stir up conflict in the nation. That is so awful, and yes, dumb.”

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Tom Tillison


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