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Furious voters spread personal information of Colorado GOP; chair swamped with death threats

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Colorado politics is getting nastier by the minute, and now it’s getting personal — as in releasing personal information of GOP leadership.

Colorado Donald Trump supporters are retaliating against state Republican Party officials who they claim rigged the state’s GOP presidential caucus in favor of Sen. Ted Cruz.

On Sunday, the day after the convention, a Twitter user with the handle Thomas Paine sent out this tweet:


That tweet was re-tweeted a thousand times. He did the same against Colorado GOP co-chairs George Leing and Lily Nunez.

Paine also tweeted:

That one indicates that he has a fundamental misunderstanding of Colorado politics. Colorado doesn’t have a primary — it has a caucus. He went on to call Cruz campaign workers thieves.

And the release of the information has already had an effect. Chairman Steve House reported that he’d received over three thousand phone calls, including threats to his life, The Right Scoop reported:


Trump critics have stated that it was the GOP presidential front-runner himself who set off the Colorado firestorm.

If this is what happens in a single state, imagine what a contested primary would be like. RedState reported:

Speaking with Stefan Molyneux Monday, [Trump confidante Roger] Stone promised to disclose the hotel room numbers of delegates who are insufficiently loyal to Dear Leader, in order that angry Trump die-hards can go to their rooms and challenge them. Which will definitely be totally peaceful and fine. You should note that Freedomain Radio, which is where the interview is from, is pro-Trump, not a liberal site.


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