Former senator calls for release of classified 9/11 report: ‘It points a finger at Saudi Arabia’

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A report indicates that classified pages in the 9/11 Commission Report may connect Saudi Arabia to two of the hijackers in that terrorist attack.

Lawmakers are urging the White House to release the 28 pages after a CBS News “60 Minutes” report alleged that the Saudi government assisted 9/11 hijackers Nawaf al-Hazmi and Khalid al-Mihdhar in Los Angeles in January of 2000.

Former Chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Bob Graham said the U.S. government’s decision to keep the information from being released is “inexplicable.”

“It has been said publicly that this chapter primarily relates to who financed 9/11, and that it points a finger at Saudi Arabia,” the former Florida senator said on Fox News’ “The Kelly File” on Monday, noting that he was not at liberty to discuss too many details in the report.

Graham questioned why the Obama administration would continue a policy of not exposing the Saudi involvement in the terror attack.

“There is mounting evidence, not just the 28 pages, but other issues – that have involved the Saudis in 9/11,” Graham noted. “Which to me, makes it not only disrespectful to the American people, not to allow them to have the transparency of knowing what their government has done in their name, when it does not involve a national security risk.”

“In fact,” Graham concluded,  “I think it actually increases our vulnerability because it allows the Saudis to continue feeling that there’s no sanction against them to fund terrorist activities.”

Watch the comments in the video below.

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Frieda Powers


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