Eric Bolling: ‘No, GOP establishment, we don’t want a fresh face . . . in America our vote counts’

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Fox News host Eric Bolling warned the Republican Party to “stop the shenanigans” when it comes to choosing a presidential nominee at a possible contested convention, saying voters “don’t want a fresh face.”

Commenting on the GOP primary Saturday on “Cashin’ In,” Bolling suggested “the D.C. elite class” fear front-runner Donald Trump will “derail their power, influence and corrupt money train” and are backing rival Ted Cruz to ensure Trump doesn’t reach the 1237 delegates needed to secure the nomination — the party could then nominate “someone not currently running,” he added.

“The #NeverTrump crowd isn’t interested in Cruz. They just hate Trump,” Bolling said. “That attitude will divide the party and ensure that Hillary Clinton is POTUS 45 in November.”

Pointing to a comment from Karl Rove that “a fresh face might be the thing that could give us a chance to turn this election and win in November against Hillary,” Bolling took the GOP establishment to task.

“A fresh face? Are you kidding me? For 18 months, these guys will have worked 20-hour days for your votes,” Bolling said. “They’ve left families behind, halted their careers to earn your trust and your vote, not to mention the thousands of staffers, aides and volunteers who have done the same.”

Bolling spoke on behalf of Republican voters far and wide… or he had a mouse in his pocket.

“No, GOP establishment – we don’t want a ‘fresh face.’ We want someone we’ve already voted for, because in America, our vote counts,” he declared.

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