After being shunned for 8 years, Chris Wallace reveals pitch that finally made Obama show up

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After eight years, “Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace finally discovered a pitch that President Barack Obama would fall for.

Appearing Friday on “The Five,” Wallace said the key was timing and that after asking the White House “every week for the past eight years” for Obama to appear on his program, he saw his opportunity — the last time he interviewed Obama was in May 2008.

“Did he know he was doing a Fox News interview?” Watters asked jokingly.

“I had a sense because he’s pushing Republicans so hard to give a hearing and a vote to [Supreme Court nominee] Merrick Garland that he might want to reach out to our audience,” Wallace told co-host Jesse Watters after having a good laugh.

“That’s the pitch we made and they agreed to it.”

And a good pitch it was, considering Obama, in his final year in office, is consumed with securing his legacy.

Co-host Kimberly Guilfoyle asked Wallace if he felt Obama would agree to another sit down as a result of this week’s interview and Wallace said he asked after the cameras were off, but Obama “wouldn’t give an answer.”

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Tom Tillison


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