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Marine vet to flag-stompers: ‘I did 10 years in the Marines so you could do that. You’re welcome’

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Talk about keeping your cool.

A Marine veteran who witnessed firsthand the growing flag-stomping trend taking place by anti-Trump protesters recounted his experience with Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren Wednesday.

“I did 10 years in the Marines so you could do that. You’re welcome,” Dan Manusos told a protester outside a Milwaukee town hall where Donald Trump was being interviewed by Van Susteren.

The protester, who was recorded by Manusos, didn’t respond with much humility.

He “looked at me and nodded,” Manusos said. When Manusos’s Marine Corps shirt caught the eye of the protester, he was given “the bird.”

Van Susteren asked how he felt about the blatant disrespect for both him and the nation’s flag.

“It’s kind of shock, it’s hard to get used to,” Manusos said. But he said it’s better to throw water than gas on a burning fire, and he wasn’t about to give them the satisfaction of reacting.

“I’m with Judge Scalia when he said, ‘I don’t like these scumbags that do it, but they have a right to do it,’” Manusos said.

“It is still a shock when you see it, just blatant.”

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