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‘It was a dark moment’: Megyn Kelly opens up on CBS Sunday Morning

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Megyn Kelly expressed disappointment that Fox News colleague Bill O’Reilly failed to offer up more of a spirited defense when Donald Trump said on “The O’Reilly Factor” that he had “zero respect” for her and didn’t “think she’s any good at what she does.”

An instance she described as “a dark moment.”

Appearing on “CBS Sunday Morning,” Kelly talked at length about her mix-up with the Republican front-runner and was asked by host Charlie Rose if she expected O’Reilly to stand up for her.

“I wish he had defended me more, ” Kelly said. “I would’ve defended him more.”

She said O’Reilly “did the best he’s capable of doing in those circumstances,” when it was noted that the Fox News host responded with silence.

“Well, that’s damning with faint praise: ‘The best he’s capable of doing’?” Rose followed up.

“Listen, as Bill is fond of saying, I would’ve handled it differently,” Kelly replied. “What can I say? It was a dark moment.”

There was another dark moment in Sunday’s interview when the consequences of her clash with Trump was discussed.

“It’s not so much what [Trump] writes or says; it’s how he gins up anger among so many,” Kelly said. “So it manifests in my life in several ways.”

“Have there been threats against your life?” Rose asked. “Does that concern you?”

Kelly responded with a silent tilt of her head.

“It’s not like I’m worried someone’s actually going to come shoot me down,” the mother of three children finally said. “But I do worry someone’s going to try to hurt me in the presence of my children.”

Watch the full interview here:

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