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‘Cupcake Nation alert’: Absurdity of college coddling is much worse than we thought

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A Harvard University student slammed the hypocrisy and sensitivity of college students that is stifling free speech and open discourse on campuses nationwide.

“Many students come to college wanting to be exposed to a diverse group of people and to a variety of viewpoints, but the opposite is occurring,” Rachel Huebner said on “The Kelly File.”

In an article she wrote for the Harvard Crimson, Huebner blasted the “culture of sensitivity” that is rampant in college campuses like Harvard, blaming school officials for coddling students who feel they need to be protected from the diversity of ideas.

Huebner shared with Fox News host Megyn Kelly that censorship at the college is not only coming from school administration but also the students themselves. She noted examples like the student who refused to sit across from another classmate because she found the pro-life view of the other student “offensive.”

In another example, Huebner said her friend attempted to hang an American flag on his dorm room wall when he arrived as a freshman. But his roommate would not allow it because it was a “political statement that he was unwilling to make.”

This last comment brought laughter and groans from the Fox News set.  Kelly introduced the segment as a “Cupcake Nation alert” explaining that the moniker was for these stories because “they are so vast and all too common.”

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