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Fashion icon blasts designers making luxury Islamic wear

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wiki commons burkini
Woman at beach wearing a “Burkini.” Photo source: Wiki Commons.

Fashion icon and co-founder of Yves Saint Laurent is taking a stand against the new luxury fashion trend for Islamic women.

“I am scandalized,” Pierre Berge told French radio station Europe 1. “Creators should have nothing to do with Islamic fashion.”

His comments come after Dolce & Gabbana launched an extravagant hijab campaign aimed at the Muslim world. Seeing a huge untapped market, other designers are following Dolce & Gabbana’s lead.

Berge has a big problem with the industry catering to a market where millions of women are mandated to wear a specific type of clothing.

“Designers are there to make women more beautiful, to give them their freedom, not to collaborate with this dictatorship which imposes this abominable thing by which we hide women and make them live a hidden life.”

“These creators who are taking part in the enslavement of women should ask themselves some questions.”

Berge might feel differently if Muslim women throughout the world could choose to be fully cloaked in a “burkini” like the one fashion designer Marks & Spencer is marketing over a western-style bathing suit. But far too many women are strictly forbidden that option.

Recognizing this, Berge urged designers to put principles before dollars.

“Renounce the money and have some principles,” he declared.

That’s highly unlikely to happen, as the Islamic fashion market is estimated to be worth $260 billion, the Guardian reported.

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