Demolition company levels wrong house, blames Google Maps

A demolition company that tore down the wrong house in Texas faulted Google Maps for the mistake and said the incident was “not a big deal.”

The Billy L. Nabors Demolition company had a permit for a home one block away from the one that was leveled, reported WFAA TV. Homeowner Lindsay Diaz was in the process of repairing the house which had sustained damage in tornadoes that ravaged the area in December.

“How do you make a mistake like this?” Diaz said. “I mean, this is just the worst.”

Though Nabors CEO George Gomez refused an on-camera interview with WFAA, he said the crew did not realize the error until after they had leveled the home and stating that it was “not a big deal.”

“I think this is a huge deal,” city manager Brian Funderburk countered, according to WFAA. “The homeowners were in the process of trying to figure out what it was going to take to repair their home and now they’re looking at rebuilding it instead. I think this is a very big deal.”

Although demolition companies are not licensed in Texas, the city of Rowlett requires contractors to register in order to work in areas affected by tornadoes.

“That’s what their job is — to wreck it in demo, and they really wrecked my life,” said Diaz, who survived the December 26 tornado along with her young son by taking shelter in the bathtub.

Diaz, who filed a police report to ensure the incident was documented, said a Nabors employee sent her a screenshot of Google Maps directing the workers to her address. She told WFAA she felt farther away from moving into a home today than she did after the tornado hit.

Watch the story in the video below.

Frieda Powers


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