Obama doing tango while world grieves Brussels terror attack is final straw for CNN panel

After joining in to do the wave at a baseball game hours after the deadly Islamic terror attack in Brussels, seeing President Barack Obama do the tango was all the “frivolous” and “shameful” behavior a CNN panel could take.

Having checked Cuba off his legacy bucket list, Obama set his sights on Argentina, and while Europe was preoccupied with responding to a terrorist attack that claimed more than 30 lives, the president was seen on video Wednesday night doing the tango — a traditional Argentine dance.

(Never mind that Obama almost dumped his professional dance partner on the floor.)

CNN senior political commentator David Gergen suggested that Obama was exercising restraint, not wanting to be “rushed into anything,” but then questioned the president’s decision making.

“I think people now after all the attacks, we’ve had an attack a day around the world for the last 12 days, but after San Bernardino and Paris and Brussels and Ankara and Istanbul, people are looking for more forceful action to actually drive back ISIS and right now, we’re not winning against ISIS,” he said.

Gergen said of Tuesday’s attack that Obama all but “brushed it off.”

“When you go to a baseball game, it looks a little frivolous,” he said. “When you’re dancing like that. I — I even think the hard call, he should have thought about coming back and gathering — people are looking for leadership here.”

“Restraint does not equal leadership when you’re under attack like this.”

CNN political analyst Ana Navarro was asked her thoughts on Obama dancing the tango.

“I think the entire thing is horrible,” she replied, adding that the president’s behavior was “inexcusable when the entire world is standing in solidarity with Brussels, is in shock, is in grief.”

Navarro finished with this slap of truth: “I think President Obama knows full well that optics matter, but he chose his legacy over optics and it was a shameful, shameful disappointing moment for President Obama. I was disappointed. I was not surprised.”

Tom Tillison


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