Video: Comedian Katt Williams gets whooped by a 7th-grader – people can’t stop laughing

Katt Williams, a stand-up comedian and rapper, bit off more than he could chew recently when he sucker-punched a teenager.

A World Star Hip Hop video shows Williams being manhandled by the youngster who had no trouble flooring the pint-sized comedian (Williams stands at around 5 feet 5 inches). And while the entertainer continued to jaw at the kid, likely in hopes of salvaging a vestige of his street cred, he noticeably did so while in no hurry to get back on his feet.

This was the second time this month Williams has sucker punched someone — he found himself on the receiving end of a serious beat down after clocking a man a couple of weeks ago at a Beanie Siegel concert in Philadelphia, which followed on the heels of Williams being arrested in February for punching a pool supply store clerk in Georgia, according to TMZ.

As for his aforementioned dignity, Williams may want to avoid social media for a while … here’s a small sampling of responses to the incident from Twitter:

Tom Tillison


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