L.A. man swiftly subduing shirtless troublemaker on train goes viral

A shirtless man suspected of being under the influence was quickly subdue by a man now being hailed as a hero.

The unruly man was captured on video harassing passengers on a Los Angeles Expo train when Adrian Kaczmarek, who reportedly goes by “Viking Guy,” intervened and took him out with a vicious choke-hold that would have made “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes proud.

When he regained consciousness, Kaczmarek then put his foot on the troublemaker’s chest to ensure he stayed down.

The dramatic video has been seen over a million times since being posted on Sunday.

“I was more concerned about my safety and the people on the train’s safety. I wasn’t sure if he had a knife or if he had a gun,” Kaczmarek told NBC Los Angeles.

He stressed that he took action only after the man began to get physical with riders.

“I finally saw it escalating to the point where he was getting physical and people are getting pushed around,” he added. “The whole thing is about to explode. I thought the best thing to do was go over there and subdue him.”

Which is precisely what he did.

Tom Tillison


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