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Judge Napolitano asks ‘the $64,000 question’ about security cameras in Brussels

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With surveillance cameras capturing images of the terror suspects in the Brussels airport bombing, Judge Andrew Napolitano wants to know why security did not take action.

“It’s the $64,000 question,” Napolitano said on Fox Business’ “Varney & Co.” on Wednesday. “There are cameras all over that airport, just like there are at airports in the United States.”

The video footage of the suspects pushing baggage carts in Zaventem Airport was presumably seen by security personnel who are supposed to be watching, Napolitano argued.

“Is the purpose of these cameras to assist the police to catch the guilty after a crime has been committed,” Napolitano asked, or are the cameras there “to alert the police that a crime might be coming and they can do something to stop it?”

Airport security’s suspicions should have been raised by the image of gloved men gripping luggage cart handles — likely to hide a detonator switch — and a third man who may have been wearing a mask, Napolitano noted. “Isn’t that enough to create a suspicion? Are they watching this in real time or is this on a computer chip in somebody’s desk?”

He added that government being overwhelmed with the task reinforces why a private company could do better at monitoring security.

“That would permit an open society to remain and bad guys to be stopped,” he said.

Watch the comments in the video below.



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