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Another reporter miffed; Team Cruz gets pass for apologizing after she was ‘roughed up’

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In what is hopefully not becoming a trend on the campaign trail, another reporter alleged she was roughed up by a presidential candidate’s security officer.

Posted to Twitter on Monday, The Post and Courier reporter Emma Dumain said she was “all but pushed” by a member of Sen. Ted Cruz’s security team.

Just moments after tweeting, Dumain followed up with an update.

Another apology followed from the Republican candidate himself who also gave the reporter an interview.

Though Dumain was still “miffed,” the incident seemed to be handled quickly and professionally.

After posting the tweets, Dumain made an effort to distinguish her experience from that of Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields who filed assault charges against Donald Trump’s campaign manager after he allegedly grabbed and bruised her arm at a campaign event. Fields and five others quit Breitbart following the fallout from the incident.

In response to some of the negative comments she received on her Twitter postings, Dumain reemphasized that things were handled well.





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