Think GOP side has problems? Wait til you hear what CBS News focus group just said about Hillary

A member of a CBS News focus group didn’t hold back an inch in her appraisal of Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton. She called her “the worst liar” she’d ever seen in her life.

Pollster Frank Luntz played a clip of CBS newsman Scott Pelley’s interview with the former secretary of state, in which she indicated that she’d “always tried to” tell the truth.

Referring to that as what some would call “wiggle room,” he noted that former President Jimmy Carter promised voters unconditionally that “I will not lie to you.”

After playing the clip, Luntz asked the CBS News “Meet the Press” focus group what, if anything, they found wrong with Clinton’s statement.

“You could turn off the sound and still see on her face that she was lying,” a woman said. “She was the worst liar I think I’ve ever seen in my life.”

And she wasn’t alone in that assessment.

“She lied about lying,” another woman said, which brought the other to laughter.

The group, which met last week, consisted of Florida voters who were opposed to both Clinton and the Republican presidential front-runner, Donald Trump. The segment ran on Sunday’s “Face the Nation.”

Watch the clip, via CBS News.

Folks on social media tended to agree.


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